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styling through spring November 14 2015, 0 Comments

spring is our busiest time of the year, luckily this year spring also meant some styling for ourselves at a new beach retreat
the girls from spell didn't disappoint with another amazing spring collection that is always exciting to unpack before it leaves us for someone else's wardrobe.
after the buying for the happens in winter it all magically arrives to us in spring
styling houses for sale in spring every other day
annual day in the birdcage always fun to see the styling direction of the marquees 
and now the countdown is on to summer and our favourite time in the shop christmas, hope to see you before the years out

winter blues July 03 2015, 0 Comments

I'll take summer every day over winter yet this seasonal blog has made me consider how to get over the winter blues.  step one trip to Byron with my lovely sister Meagan from niche.  

First stop 'the farm' Byron Bay and lunch at 'three blue ducks'

Next on the itinerary 'flower garland making' when in Byron.........

back to work and the arrival of our latest limited edition print form Rosetta Santucci 'Blue Storm' and the completion of a current project that we've seen coming together over the last twelve months

winter in the shop means sale time and our first big clearance in store

so things to like about winter.....escaping to byron, flower crowns, Meagan's new flares, the shop heater & wearing my spell kimono pretending its spring!











my autumn trail April 19 2015, 0 Comments

inspired by our latest Rosetta Santucci print 'my autumn tea tree walk', walk I have done this autumn!

I began autumn still clinging to summer with easter on the great ocean road making pots (my previous life as a potter) in my mum & dads shed & great beach walks loving the pink seaweed washed up as art along the sand.

runners on and walked into the city from yarraville past  the always intriquing sculptural/industrial docks with coffee reward at @hortus & shopping spree for me.

yesterdays walk took me to hanging rock a one hour drive country escape! with lunch at Mr Carsisi in Kyneton, almost a 'harry met sally moment over dessert.  

love a little day trip shopping a small jug & bowl for my kitchen & necklace gift for me from me!

today no walking, wet weather time table! so its upstairs for this shopgirl/stylist  to do some decorating for me, new linen, artwork and rug ready to get my little space ready for winter!







dream a little dream of......spring August 14 2014, 0 Comments


the countdown to spring is on and the stock in store is heading to spring summer yay!
these gorgeous dreamcatcher wallpapers & fabrics are full of possibilities for that special space,
teamed with our new macrame wallhangings, natural baskets, & feathered ju ju hats
we are loving the direction coming in both the homewares & fashion
now that our buying for the season is done!

the next big thing.... July 31 2014, 0 Comments


well its that time of the year again trade fairs start tomorrow with everyone searching for the next big thing in interiors.  This time last year we sourced the amazing range of nlxl wallpapers (inspired takes on pressed tins, timbers, concretes & paper collages).  For my sister Meagan and I this then lead us to Paris, some work mostly play and to the amazing store 'merci'  home of the 'brooklyn tins' range.  Amazing!  Since then we have embraced the range with full sampling in store and now also available online.  think outside the box for these papers splashbacks, beadheads, ceilings or traditional walls.  we've seen some great uses and can always offer advice on how to introduce it into your home.  so comfy shoes on ready to walk the aisles and keep a keen eye out for something new to introduce to you all!

it's all in the detail July 18 2014, 0 Comments

in the shop we call it visual merchandising in the home it's 'styling' that can make all the difference. at niche we offer styling for sale to maximise profit but we also style for clients spaces to settle in to. we all have collections of things from over the years that mean something to us and probably us alone. we can help showcase these important pieces and add to if need be. so whether it be placement of accessories or the addition of a print or rug to finish a space we can help!

niche online July 09 2014, 0 Comments

niche; a place or position particularly suitable to the person or thing in it.
over the years niche has had many dedicated shoppers who have found 'our niche' at 6 murray street yarraville our destination store/studio. from today you can add another 'niche' destination, our online store. we are super excited to be able to offer both shopping experiences to our existing followers and the new shoppers who find us here. a huge thanks to sister meags for her hard work getting the site live for your shopping pleasure. we hope the crossover of the online store & shopfront in yarraville cater for all your interior needs and wants! remember we're always only a phone call away if you have a specific request or enquiry. 

thought for the day 'shop like no one's watching'! (on your laptop)

cheers again to meags, pip for her photography & brother steve (back office/technical support), watch this space sally @ niche